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Anti-Scam Resources


If you are currently corresponding with a woman then you should  invest in one of these anti-scam resources for your own protection.  A small investment could save you a large amount of money, heartache and embarrassment.

Anti-Scam Check-Up!

The editors of Russian Women Dating & Marriage Guide now offer a customized service that will evaluate your correspondence with a foreign woman for signs of fraud and deceit.  We have successfully saved many of our readers thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of their valuable time and immeasurable amounts of emotional grief by alerting them to their specific risk of being victimized by their love interest.  We know the warning signs and can take an objective view on your relationship and correspondence. This service is like an “insurance policy” that will protect you from fraud.  Every victim we have met was certain his lady was sincere before he succumb to her scheme.  Make sure your dream is real and not an illusion crafted to defraud you. 

Be in control, dont be a victim . . . get an Anti-Scam Check-Up today. 

This is a free gift of gratitude with any donation of support to our website over $35. Thank you for your support!


Anti-Scam Guide by Elena PetrovaAnti-Scam Guide100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
This up to date, on-line book is a perfect way to achieve a scam-free relationship with a Russian Lady.  Written by Elena Petrova, author of How to Marry a Girl Like Me and owner of Elena’s Models and Russian Women Catalog, the Anti-Scam Guide is an excellent resource if you are uncertain about starting or continuing a relationship with a woman from Russia, Ukraine or any other CIS or former Soviet Union country.  The main goal of the Anti-Scam Guide is to free you from everyday doubts and worries about the sincerity of your correspondents. After applying the techniques offered in the Anti-Scam Guide you will be able to fully trust the women who are writing to you since only sincere ladies will be interested in you and all the scammers will leave you alone.

The Anti-Scam Guide also includes insider tips on how to succeed with Russian women based on the psychological specifics of their character. With this advice you will not only protect yourself against scammers, but you will also get a distinct advantage over your male competitors even if they are younger, better looking and more well established in life.  You can receive instant access to this valuable information for only $24.95. Your order is 100% risk-free with a 6 month unconditional money-back guarantee!  As a special bonus you will also receive unlimited after-sale support and consultations. You can ask the author any question and you will receive an answer in priority order.

Click Here for more details or to order the Anti-Scam Guide by Elena Petrova.


Background Check On Your Russian DateBackground Checks on Russians100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
BE SMART AND SAFE: Information is the key... Know what you are getting into before you invest your heart, money, business, property or your life. This online investigation service is run by Michael Muinov, a Russian lawyer who specializes in background checks of foreign individuals.  He can provide a basic or more detailed back ground check on any woman living in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Uzbekistan.  For $120, he will dig through public records and answer any questions you may have about the woman you are corresponding with. If your lady is asking you for any kind of financial assistance you should use this service first before sending her any money.

Click Here for more details or to order a basic back ground check.


Service Network FlamingoAddress Verification
If you are uncertain about the address of the lady your are corresponding with, Service Network Flamingo (SNF) offers a very inexpensive address verification service.  For only $20 they will check if the person actually lives at the address you specify and inform you of the outcome. This service is available for ladies living in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Georgia.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Click Here to order an address verification and view their full catalog of flowers, gifts and services.

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